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"How you can generate more leads, qualify prospects and close more cases all from your phone without hiring an expensive marketer!"

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When : 4th August 2020
Time : 2pm

Take your prospecting to a whole new level today with this revolutionary method which brings the clients to you!

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Chris Chan is one of Asia's leading mentors in business breakthrough and success. As the founder of PPP Academy, he coaches the art of client acquisition and team recruitment.

With over 20 years of experience, he has made hundreds of his students millionaire advisers. The systems and processes he has created have proven to yield results across industries, throughout the region.

Whether it's growing a team, or growing a customer base, Chris has a method for it.

What you'll be learning during this webinar

Secret 1

A simple method to get a consistent flow of prospects coming to you almost automatically

Secret 2

How to get an endless supply of referrals coming to you without having to beg for them

Secret 3

The exact steps to build a stable 6 or 7 figure income as a financial sales professional

If you’re serious in building a stable 6-7 figure income in your financial sales business this year so that you won’t have to worry about your finances in the near future, then register now  and I’ll show you how you can do so today!

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Discover the REAL REASON why 90% of financial sales professionals fail at getting referrals.


7 steps to multiplying your customer base instantly  without cold calling, door knocking or social media marketing.


The "SSS Model" to building a stable 6-7 figure income with your financial sales business.
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